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Our UK-based factory make Limburg Flags, using materials approved by the Ministry of Defence. These flags, boasting exceptional quality, serve a variety of purposes, whether on exterior flagpoles, at sporting events, or at indoor displays.

We offer a range of materials:

  1. Firstly, Sewn: We utilize pre-coloured 155gsm woven polyester, sewn together by our team to create the flag’s design. In cases requiring intricate badges, we affix printed badges onto the flag. This option, used by the MOD, gives a truly traditional look.
  2. Printed: We digitally print on 115gsm knitted polyester material. This method allows for intricate designs with vibrant colours.
  3. Eco-friendly: By using digital printing, we produce these flags on 115gsm recycled knitted polyester material, aligning with eco-conscious practices.
  4. Finally, Novelty: We print these flags, intended purely for decorative purposes, on lightweight polyester material. They are not suitable for flying on flagpoles.

Every Limburg Flag undergoes hemming and finishing, tailored to your specifications, ensuring it’s ready for immediate flying or display.

Optional add-ons

Furthermore, we can enhance the durability of your flag by adding antifray netting along the fly edge. Also, we can replace this layer, which is the first to fray, when fraying becomes apparent. This approach offers a more economical solution compared to purchasing an entirely new flag.

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