Flagpole Maintenance

At HFC, we take pride in providing excellent flagpole services to our customers. Our experienced and dedicated team is here to ensure that your flagpoles are in top-notch condition so you can proudly display your flags. Whether you need routine maintenance or repairs, our professionals are ready to assist you. Book your flagpole service with us today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your flags will always be flying high. 

We recommend a routine maintenance check for your ground-mounted and wall-mounted flagpoles, at least once a year.

A man is working on a flagpole in front of a building.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s included in your annual maintenance check:

  • Foundation and Ground Anchor Bolt Inspection: We’re digging deep, making sure that your flagpole’s foundation and anchor bolts are rock-solid, free from wear and tear, and standing up to the elements.
  • Pole Check: We give your pole a visual inspection to spot any signs of wear, fatigue, structural integrity, which could cause potential failure. It’s all about keeping it in tip-top shape.
  • Halyards Check: Those halyards take a beating from the sun, so we inspect them for abrasion and signs of weakness due to UV aging. We want to ensure your flags keep flying high.
  • Cleats and Fittings Check: No detail is too small. We check the cleats and fittings to make sure they’re in perfect working order.
  • Pole Lowering and Cleaning: Your flagpole gets a little spa day. We lower it down and give it a good clean to get rid of dirt and grime, so it’s looking its best.
  • Finials and Rotating Arms Check: The finishing touches matter. We inspect the finials and rotating arms to make sure they’re spinning smoothly.

As an option, we can also provide reports of the service undertaken, the parts used, and any further recommendations to keep your flagpole working for years to come!

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