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Founded in 1981 in Waterlooville, Hampshire, England

No two days are the same at HFC. The nature of our business means that one day you could be working on a café barrier project for a well known drinks brand, the next day a flag for Team GB, and the next a banner for a final at Wembley stadium.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in product quality and customer service through our knowledge and attitude. As such, joining HFC you would be part of a team that cares deeply about what we do.

At HFC we work to live and not live to work. Everyone makes a difference, and everyone is an important element to making us successful.

Working with us

Here is what some of our team have to say about working at HFC


Supervisor – Employed over 10 years
I like how the job varies, it’s not like working in a factory on the same job all day. I also have a great team around me, and interesting jobs that challenge me.


Creative Artworker – Employed 4 years
Working at HFC has given me the opportunity to develop my skillset and work through challenges in a supportive environment. It is very rewarding to work with a small, close knit team who help each other to grow. The occasional pizza Friday doesn’t hurt either.


Procurement Officer – Employed 2 years
As soon as I started my interview, I knew this was going to be home for quite some time, right from the start they all felt like family and treated me as such. Each Dept has its own personality and as I work alongside all of them this can be very interesting and fun.After such a small time of being here I can see how the company is evolving with the times, this makes my job very interesting. I personally love it here, being involved with many aspects of the company watching the changes is what I am all about, Improvement and experience within a family business.


Print Room Manager – Employed 18 years
A challenging and rewarding environment. I like to help develop young talent whilst continuously evolving and learning how to get the best out of digital technology. I enjoy developing print workflow and improving the details of each part of the process. It is good to see your work in the field and seeing all the places the product ends up.