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How do I submit the correct artwork?

To ensure your supplied artwork is correctly produced, please follow this link to our Artwork Submission Guide, which will guide you to set up and export your artwork in the correct manner so that your files are safely printed without error. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in us rejecting your artwork or delaying your printed product due to our Studio having to intervene before a print can commence.

Can we print to a specific colour or colour match

The quick answer to this question is yes but within reason and within the capabilities of our printing process. Some colours are not achievable through the CMYK colourspace, which is the universal colourspace for a digital printer. Other colours, such as Pantone or RAL colours, are good points of reference as we will attempt to best match these from the universal charts supplied. Physical samples can also be matched if this is all you have.
Please be advised that colours are significantly affected by the media they are printed onto, and therefore, their depth and hue can be altered unless fully controlled across multiple printing disciplines ie plastic banners and textile flags.

Can you create my artwork?

We understand that some clients don’t have the expertise or time to create their artwork. All of our custom products are priced to include a basic 15-minute artwork fee, so simple designs with images/text etc., are included in your product price. If you need something more detailed, our graphic design team can create something fantastic for you. All we need is an idea of what you would like together with any images, text, logos etc.

Contact us, and our team can provide an estimate of the design costs. We charge £50 per hour for this service.

What format should I send my artwork file?

To ensure your supplied artwork is printed to the highest quality, please follow this link to our Artwork Submission Guide, which will assist you in selecting the correct file format to supply your creation.

I need to send you artwork for my order where can I send it?

If you order online, at checkout, you will get the opportunity to upload artwork. Alternatively, you can email your artwork to Please do send your order number or reference with this so we can match your artwork with your order.


Can you deliver overseas (Non UK)

Yes, we can deliver overseas, but this is not available via our website. If you email us at with the items you wish to order and the overseas address, we will provide a delivery cost and time frame.

What kind of lead time should I expect for my order?

We carry stock on some of our items, like popular national flags and bunting sizes, which can be despatched the next day. Custom items are made here in our factory in Hampshire, which will take a little longer. Typical lead times for this are 5-7 days and will be indicated on your order acknowledgement which will be emailed to you. We are always happy to work with our clients to make sure items are delivered on time. If you have an order which is required more quickly, please get in touch with us to discuss.


How tall are glassfibre flagpoles?

Please refer to our easy to read guide

How do I know what replacement finial I need to order?

Flagpole replacement finals will be determined by the inside and outside diameter of your flagpole. It doesn’t matter whether the flagpole has an internal locking system or an external system. Our finials can be used for both. If you measure the internal diameter of the top of your pole, then choose the corresponding diameter finial to suit. If you need further help, then contact us detailing the internal and external diameter of the top of the pole; we should be able to determine which one is needed. We have set sizes on the shelf which will fit most standard flagpoles scaling from 50mm to 65mm, and we can also cater for bespoke sizes, but these will be priced on application.

Do I need planning permission for my flagpole?

Every local authority has its own legislation and rules around this. Whilst we have never known anyone to be required to remove flagpoles from their garden because of planning permission, we would always recommend you consult your local planning office just in case. This is particularly important in public spaces or commercial premises.


How to install Euro Chieftan Post Mounted Brackets?

Please see this guide to install your Euro Chieftan Post Mounted Brackets correctly

How do I stop my flag wrapping around my 45 degree wall flagpole?

If you have purchased a 45-degree angle flag from us, it will have come with an antifoul eyelet in the bottom left corner. This eyelet should be secured horizontally to a wall/structure below the flag by some fishing wire or cord. This will then ensure the flag does not wrap around the pole. If you have a standard rectangular flag on a 45-degree pole, we can install an antifoul eyelet on this, too, though it doesn’t come with this as standard, so we would need to know at the time of order.

Do you install?

Yes, we can install your items. Just contact us and let us know what items you are purchasing and where in the UK they need to be installed, so we can provide a price.

My Order

Do you offer charity discounts?

Yes, we work with hundreds of charities each year. If you are a registered charity, contact us today with your requirements and receive your 15% charity discount.

Can I collect my order?

Yes, we are open for collections from 8.30 to 5.30, Monday to Friday, at our factory in Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 7XU. Currently, the collection isn’t available when ordering on our website. Please contact us with your requirements and one of the customer service team will take your order over the phone.

I’ve already placed an order, when will my item be dispatched?

You should have received or will receive an order confirmation detailing your item’s despatch date. If you have placed your order online, our team will process your order that day during regular working weekday hours, or if out of hours or on the weekend, it will be processed the next working day. At this time, you will receive your order acknowledgement with despatch dates. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.


What is the maximum size you can make flags or banners?

We have made many extremely large flags and banners for sporting stadiums and events. We can make flags or banners of any size and shape. Flags or banners over 3m wide will be made in 2 or more sections with a discreet seam.

What bunting material should I choose?

Our bunting comes in various material types, and your choice of material should be based on where it is to be installed (inside or outside), how long it will be up for and the conditions it will be subjected to. Our Fabric, PVC, and PVC-free materials are ideal for external use. Your choice of these will be based on personal preference as all these materials are appropriate. Our paper bunting can be used outside but only for very short-term use and not in wet conditions. Paper is ideal for indoor use.

What size flag do I need for my flagpole?

The size of your flag on your pole is not just about aesthetics and how it looks but is also important because you do not want to overstress your flagpole. Please see our recommended guide for flag sizes per flagpole height

What knot do I use to tie my flag to the flagpole halyard?

What finishing do I need for my flag?

Our flags come fitted with a rope and then with the finishing (how you fix the flag to the poles halyard/rope) of your choice. Everyone one of our standard finishings will suit your flagpole, and it is just a matter of preference which one you choose or like best. By far, the most popular is the rope and toggle finishing, which 90% of our clients choose. Here is a quick guide on how to fix your flag with each of the standard finishings

Which flag is going to last longer between sewn and printed flags?

No matter what material, the flag will last as long as you look after it. Our flag materials are manufactured to be as long-lasting as possible while still allowing the flag to fly in light winds. Whether you choose printed or sewn flags, they will generally last as long as each other. For more advice on how to look after your flag, see our blog here.

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