Coffin Drape

We understand funerals can be a difficult time for many, however we are here to help in any way we can. We have over 40 years of flag-making experience and a team of skilled professionals on hand.We manufacture  all our flags , and quality check them before they leave our factory doors.

HFC’s funeral coffin drapes are made using 100% Ministry of Defence-approved 155gsm woven polyester material or 205gsm display polyester material.

Sewn coffin drapes are made from pre-coloured woven polyester material, and our skilled machinists create the flag design from the different coloured fabrics. Display Polyester printed coffin drapes are a high quality digitally printed solution.

As standard, our coffin drapes are 2 & 1/2 yard (114cm x 229cm) in size. We Manufacture all our flags to order, however we also understand the nature of funerals means that you will not always have time to think about things well in advance, so we will always try to have your coffin drape made in time, even if that means just a couple of days notice.

If you require a  different size, or have a specific design in mind please get in touch, and our team will be happy to help.

We can add gold fringe and provide the flag finished with rope and toggle ready to fly after the ceremony, or as hemmed only.

Key features:
Ministry of Defence approved materials
Made from woven and display polyester
Flag size is 2 & 1/2 yard (114cm x 229cm)
Digitally printed and hand-sewn finished flag
Manufactured in the UK
40 years of experience in flag-making

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