Ceremonial Flagpole Storage Bag


Ensure your ceremonial flagpoles stay in great condition with our special solution. We design our lightweight yet strong carry bag to protect your ceremonial two-piece flagpole effectively, keeping them in great shape.

Crafted from high-grade synthetic polyester, this bag incorporates MOD-approved materials, ensuring both durability and reliability. The waterproof feature guarantees protection against the elements, making it ideal for various environments.



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Ceremonial Flagpoles and Bases

Our high quality ceremonial flags can be ordered complete with ceremonial pole and ceremonial base. Flags are made from Poly Cotton, Display or Woven material depending on the complexity of flag design. The Ceremonial flags come with a pole pocket ready to be fitted to standard 1 & 1/4 inch hardwood black or brown ceremonial flagpoles. The flagpoles can then fit into Black/Brown ceremonial flagpole bases.Flag width – 1220mm (4ft) Flag Height – 920mm (3ft)


Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions150 × 15 × 15 cm

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