BannerFlex D3 Airow Post Mounted Banner Arms

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HFC’s BannerFlex Standard D3 Airow is designed for use on larger diameter lamp columns and/or where a larger banner is preferred.

The revolutionary BannerFlex D3 AIROW utilises a specially shaped CNC-tapered fibreglass arm to increase wind spillage dramatically. Extensive research and testing have resulted in the development of a system which dramatically reduces the stresses transferred to the lamp column, a crucial factor that all Engineers regard as a priority when attaching banners to lighting stock.

When the wind blows, the force is immediately transferred from the taught banner to the fibreglass arms, which then flex and help dissipate the energy. This all-important wind spill factor is crucial in protecting the banner from excessive wear and significantly reduces the forces exerted onto the lamp column. The system comprises of 2 tempered cast aluminium brackets and 2 UV-treated fibreglass arms.

The universal bracket allows the BannerFlex system to be mounted on almost any type of pole, regardless of shape or surface, using stainless steel geared straps, traditional banding or bolts. The arms slide into the brackets and are held in place by stainless steel set screws; a hitch pin offers an added safety feature. The quality materials eliminate corrosion, discolouration and peeling of paint. BannerFlex can accommodate one or two banners per pole.

Banerflex Standard D3 Airow banner arms require two sets of banding per arm to secure to the column, which are allocated when ordering below.

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Post Mounted Systems

Enhance your brand visibility with Hampshire Flag's durable Post Mounted Systems. These sleek aluminium systems accommodate single or double-sided banners, ranging from 1.5m to 2.4m in height. Self-tensioning arms keep banners taut, ensuring a vibrant display. Built to last, they're the future of impressive signage. Always consult a structural engineer before installation


Weight3 kg to 4.4 kg
Dimensions90 × 7 × 12 cm to 90 × 7 × 12 cm cm
Add PVC Double-Sided Banner

70cm x 150cm Banner, 70cm x 200cm Banner, No Banner, Yes – 70cm x 100cm Banner

Add Arm Banding

100mm – 129mm Banding, 130mm – 189mm Banding, 190mm – 249mm Banding, 250mm – 340mm Banding, 55mm – 69mm Banding, 70mm – 99mm Banding, No Banding

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