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Continuous Banner Fence Scrim - Event Branding

Continuous Banners Fence Scrim

Does your event need a helping hand with branding? Make the most of your event promotion by fitting Hampshire Flag's continuous banner; the perfect product for events of all sizes.

25m lengths are our standard, but other lengths are available on request.

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Heras Fence Scrims
  • Fully waterproof textile scrim
  • FR Coated ( on request )
  • UV stable DYE Printed
  • Comes ready to fit
  • Quick Delivery
  • Quick Installation
  • Ideal for brand promotions
  • Folded dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 5cm
  • Weight: 115gsm
  • 25m lengths as standard
  • Other lengths available on request.

Bring out the best in your event by tapping into the promotional opportunities on offer from our continuous banner. Whether it's an exhibition or concert, race or motor show - Continuous Banner Fence Scrims will give your event the edge whilst boosting your brand as it can be printed with any logo, design or theme.

The Continuous Banner Fence Scrims are not only a practical promotional solution but they're high-quality too. Every scrim is manufactured from 115gsm knitted polyester textile featuring an AirMesh design to allow the wind to flow through it. Continuous Banner Fence Scrims are printed using a UV resistant dye to ensure a bright, bold and long-lasting finish. And every scrim is fully waterproof.

Hampshire Flag's Continuous Banner Fence Scrims not only shout about your event but they can also section off unsightly areas or different zones whilst giving your brand a boost. The Continuous Banner Scrim panels are supplied ready to roll - simply use to secure the scrim to the fence. Scrims are speedy to set-up and quick to dismantle, and offer simple yet effective event branding.

Fence Scrim Dimensions:
  • Panel Dimensions: 337cm(w) x 178cm(h)
  • Folded dimensions: 25cm(w) x 25cm(h) x 5cm(d)
  • Fits standard Heras Barrier 350cm (w) x 200cm(h)
Fence Scrim Weight:
  • Weights: 0.75kg
Fence Scrim:
  • 115gsm AirMesh Polyester
  • Fire Retardant Coating On Material
  • Waterproof DYE
  • UV stable
  • Fits Standard Fixed leg Crowd Control Barriers
  • Stitched Using 100% Polyester Thread
Size25m Roll
0.6m(H) x 25m(L) £243.00 + VAT net.
0.92m(H) x 25m(L)
£372.60 + VAT net.
1.27m(H) x 25m(L)
£514.35 + VAT net.
1.83m(H) x 25m(L)
£741.50 + VAT net.

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