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Ceremonial Flags

Ceremonial Flags

Our high quality Sewn and Printed flags are are made from high grade 210gsm polyester materials. The Ceremonial flags come with a pole pocket ready to be fitted to standard 1 & 1/4 inch ceremonial flagpoles. Due to the vast quantity of different designs these flags are made to order. For high quality printed designs order below. For sewn flags please request a quote.

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Ceremonial Flag Details
  • High Quality Polyester Materials
  • Gold Fringe as standard
  • Standard sizes
  • Fits most standard 1 & 1/4 inch ceremonial flagpoles

We offer a range of pole, flags, bases, gloves, holsters and tassels.

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Ceremonial Flag Details
  • Width: 1220mm 4ft
  • Heigh: 920mm 3ft

Measurements are approximate.

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