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Ceremonial Flagpole Storage Bag

Ceremonial Flagpole Storage Bag

Transport your ceremonial flag and flagpole in a high-grade, waterproof bag. This item folds down to allow easy storage when not in use and comes in a choice of 3 sizes/styles.

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Ceremonial Flagpole Details

Keep your ceremonial flag and flagpole in pristine condition with a lightweight and waterproof carry bag. Ideal for transporting to parades, ceremonies, and events.

Storage bags available:

  • Flagpole storage bag: Perfect for storing and transporting your ceremonial flagpole.
  • Flagpole 'with sleeve' storage bag: This item has a snug compartment at the front of the bag to store away your ceremonial flag.
  • All in one storage bag: This bag allows the entire flag and flagpole to be stored with no dissembling required. - Our recommended choice

Key features:

  • Made from synthetic polyester
  • MOD approved materials
  • Waterproof and robust
  • Collapses to allow easy storage
  • Fast UK delivery

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